In this collaborative project, sensuality is reinscribed to curvaceous black and brown women by portraying the body as pure form. Soft shapes sculpted by Notion of Form merge and shape Wana Udobang’s body as they slowly move in space, melting in and out of these tactile forms to a mesmerizing affect. This is captured as both still and moving image through the subtle, grainy lens of Lakin Ogunbanwo. A spoken word poem by Wana Udobang overlays the video: furthering the power in vulnerable agency.

The body as a form dissolves into colour and texture; stretch marks and coloured elbows lead to folds in flesh, tan lines, pores, and irregularities made beautiful. These defects attract attention in the same way that a scratch on an otherwise smooth surface would. They create imbalance, or markers of interest. When removing the body as Subject, the eye adjusts to these moments of remarkable disruption as ones to be admired rather than dismissed. In this way, this series revises our mode of looking, feeling, and perceiving beauty — beyond convention

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